We’re a Mom, Pop, and baby shop. That photo there is of my wife Faith and me on one of the best days ever –  our wedding day at Big Bend Nat’l park. Faith is likely to be the second photographer on your wedding day, and she’ll also assist you with your album design. And then check out that photo of our adorable little baby Ru. I’m thinking about hiring her out as a last minute flower girl for those of you looking to round out your bridal party..wink.

Just so you know, we don’t have any other sort of day jobs. We’re in 100%  dedication mode you guys. We both focus full-time on making sure you have the most amazing images and the best experience.  Basically we’re planning on inundating you with awesomeness.

We really do adore our couples and we understand from experience the importance of catching the tender moments, the light-hearted candids, the details you painstakingly pieced together by hand, the family groupings, and the fun surprises that happen along the way.

We look forward to your email andy@andysams or phone call 512.694.6311.

Andy and Faith